UI Individuals
since 2007

UI is in constant flux, with new members joining and others moving on, this page lists individuals which were formerly involved in UI


Robyn Healy, Fashion (2007-2009)

Robyn is an independent fashion curator and commentator. She lectures in Fashion in the School of Architecture and Design at RMIT University. Her PHD, Empty dress: curating fashion cultures and environments, is an enquiry about the representation and displacement of fashion through experiencing 'empty' or absented dress, this research questions the state of appearances in the exhibition trajectory, exploring potential narratives articulated through a phenomenology of wear. Reflecting upon transformational forms of dressing, this research is carried out through a series of projects, using public collections and sites as a context for critical reinstallations.

Robyn has expertise in museum and curatorial practice, extensive experience working with major Australian public collections of fashion and textiles, and previously held positions as a Senior Curator at the National Gallery of Victoria and the National Gallery of Australia. In 2003 she was awarded a Centenary medal for her contribution to Australian society, through her work in the Fashion & Textiles area. Robyn is a board member of Craft Victoria, 3 deep publishing, the costume committee of the National Trust of Victoria and interim chair of the South Project.



Leah Heiss, Interior Design (2007-2008)

Leah has a practice which operates at the nexus between electronics, design and spatial investigation - utilising technologies to create potent human scale projects. She is currently collaborating with nanotechnologists to develop projects which explore the emotional aspects of therapeutic technologies. She also works hands on with nano-engineered materials in teaching and creative arts practice.



Mick Peel, Fashion (2007-2009)

Mick has contributed to the undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fashion at RMIT since 1993 and in 2000 - 2001 directed the fashion diploma and degree at Lasalle SIA College of the Arts, Singapore. He has a background in urban design as founding partner of the urban streetwear labels Maiike and Syke and he has also worked extensively as a freelance designer within the sportswear realm of the fashion industry. 

Mick completed a master degree at RMIT University in 1996 which explored various forms of fabric surface decoration and experimental pattern cutting. This research culminated in a series of garments that utilised the decoration to form garment's structure and construction. 

Mick's current research is linked to his PhD and explores the condition of commuting and the demands a commuter might place on his/her clothing. The first project in this research will focus on the cycling commuter and address issues relating to practicality, acceptability, functionality and comfort. The objective is to design apparel for the urban commuter and in the process understand how the act of making contributes to the design process and success of designed outcomes.



Roger Kemp, Interior Design (2007-2009)

Roger sees the interior as a site of negotiation. His research concentrates on the change of interior environments over time through physical interaction and changes in perception. His work, primarily developed through the production of spatial artefacts and drawings, document and engage with conditions of space determined by participatory engagement. Methods of navigation and the creative re-use of existing space are drivers of the research.