Urban Interior Occupation 1 @ Craft Victoria

During September 2008, Urban Interior occupies Craft Victoria, Flinders Lane Melbourne. The gallery spaces and surroundings become a research laboratory to explore the spatial and temporal dimensions of the inhabited, urban environment. Questioning/ignoring the conventional 10am to 5pm opening hours and white cube display of artifacts on plinths, Urban Interior takes over Craft Victoria through performances, actions, changes, sound, smell, thoughts, image, discussions, presentations, night and day; redistributing and enfolding outside and inside, individuals and collectives. Craft Victoria becomes arranged by acts of crafting as distinct from craft artefacts, by process rather than outcomes. UI – you and I – encounter, experience and experiment with relational conditions in the urban environment of Melbourne.

The research agenda of {UI} connects to the Design Research Institute, through the funded program of Customising Space, and the RMIT School of Architecture and Design. {UI} would like to acknowledge the support of the Design Research Institute and RMIT School of Architecture and Design’s Research Committee; Kate Rhodes and Craft Victoria, in particular Nella Themelios.

Program Overview

Tuesday 9 September
Opening OCCUPATION 6pm to 8pm

Wednesday 10 September
Metaphorai (moving Nomadic Archive) 9am to 10am / Nomadic Archive One 10am to 5pm / Occupying Space Now 10am to 5pm / interiorist publi(city) 10am to 5pm

Thursday 11 September
Cycle Craft 10am to 5pm interiorist publi(city) / 10am to 5pm Visualising Air Phase One 6pm to 9pm

UI is presenting in

Friday 12 September
Occupying Space Now 10am to 5pm / interiorist publi(city) 10am to 1pm / Ride On Dinner 5.30pm. First to roll up, first for dinner.www.ride-on-dinner.net

Saturday 13 September
Cycle Craft 10am to 5pm / Occupying Space Now 10am to 5pm / Interiorist publi(city) 1pm to 5pm / Crafty Smells One 12pm to 4pm

Tuesday 16 September
Urban Ephemeral Room 10am to 5pm

Wednesday 17 September
Urban Ephemeral Room 10am to 8pm / Nomadic Archive Two 10am to 5pm / Metaphorai (moving Nomadic Archive) 4pm to 5pm / Occupying Space Now 10am to 5pm / interiorist publi(city) 10am to 5pm / CONCERT One KarlheinzStockhausen>SPIRAL 6.30 to 8pm

Thursday 18 September
Urban Ephemeral Room 10am to 8pm / interiorist publi(city) 10am to 5pm / CONCERT Two KarlheinzStockhausen>POLE fuer 2 6.30pm to 8pm

Friday 19 September
Urban Ephemeral Room 10am to 8pm / Occupying Space Now 10am to 5pm / interiorist publi(city) 10am to 5pm / CONCERT Three Karlheinz Stockhausen>NACHTMUSIK from AUS DEN SIEBEN TAGEN 6.30pm to 8pm

Saturday 20 September
Urban Ephemeral Room 10am to 8pm / interiorist publi(city) 12pm to 5pm / Urban Interior Colloquium with invited guests. Open to public. 2pm to 6.30pm / Visualising Air Two 6.30pm to 8pm / Metaphorai


OCCUPATIONS at Craft Victoria

Occupation Interiorist, Publi(city, Suzie Attiwill
Gathering / collecting / considering – concepts/ideas of urban interior, customising space, urban room, individuals, collectives, exhibition as research / publication / dissemination, text, relations of in / to. Over the duration of UI’s inhabitation of Craft Victoria, my occupation as interiorist involves processes of making publi(city), of collecting to produce collectivity and communities of practice in the consideration of new kinds of infrastructure and governance which enable creative engagements and encounters.

metaphorai, Mick Douglas
Over the duration of the Occupation, Mick is undertaking ‘transport’ service actions using a custom built pedalled powered vehicle and the human body. Echoing Michel deCerteau’s reminder that the vehicles of mass transportation in Athens are called ‘metaphorai’, Mick’s actions extend from an enquiry into relationships between motion, emotion and cultural change. He will be collaborating with the Ride-on-Dinner, Nomadic Archive and Visualising Air activities to service transport to, from and within space of Occupation.

ride-on-dinner, Cultural Transports Collective
5.30pm Friday 12 September Craft Victoria 31 Flinders LaneFirst to roll up, first for dinner. www.ride-on-dinner.netJoin a swarm of cyclists on a gentle rolling urban meal adventure. We take a slow three-course meal served from pedal-powered vehicles over the duration of a easy early-evening cycle ride pausing in unlikely urban settings. The ride-on-dinner explores the affects of mobile hospitality amongst diverse individuals whilst feeling the way toward sustainable food systems and opportunities for urban inhabitations. Riding diners become co-creators in a chance-filled event exploring relationships between individual human body, a temporarily collected social body and the body of the city.

STOCKHAUSEN | inside-out, Michael Fowler with collaborators Tristram Williams and Eugene Ughetti
Sound is a pervasive presence in our lives. Whether it is experienced through the auditory or somatosensory systems, it can awaken us both literally and experientially. A major figure in Western music's tumultuous grapple with the new technologies of the 20th Century was Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928–2007). A pioneer in electronic music, Stockhausen sought out new sound sources for music composition that were drawn from the human body, natural environments, electronic instruments and the built environment. Michael Fowler presents 3 major works (SPIRAL, POLE für 2 and NACHTMUSIK from AUS DEN SIEBEN TAGEN ) of Karlheinz Stockhausen during the UI-occupation exhibition at Craft Victoria. These pieces are explored through the gathering of myriad sound sources from the urban environment, electronic instruments and the gallery space itself. Michael is joined by musicians Tristram Williams and Eugene Ughetti in a series of sonic explorations of urban contexts, Stockhausen's legacy, and the ephemeral occupation of space through sound projection.

CONCERT 1 [Sep. 17, 6:30 to 8pm]Karlheinz Stockhausen>SPIRALMichael Fowler: SW radio, analogue synthesizer
CONCERT 2 [Sep. 18, 6:30 to 8pm]
Karlheinz Stockhausen>POLE für 2
Michael Fowler: SW radio, synthesizers, laptop
Tristram Williams: SW radio, trumpet, laptop
CONCERT 3 [Sep. 19, 6:30 to 8pm]
Karlheinz Stockhausen>NACHTMUSIK from AUS DEN SIEBEN TAGEN
Michael Fowler: SW radio, synthesizers, laptop, found objects
Tristram Williams: SW radio, trumpet, laptop, found objects
Eugene Ughetti: SW radio, percussion, found objects

Nomadic archive, Robyn Healy
Introducing Melbourne design practices drawn from the RMIT Design Archives (incorporating the Frances Burke Centre), Robyn will travel collections to Craft Victoria. Her itinerary will investigate archival practice, rites of encapsulation and dispersal. Posited here for 2 days – the archive is revealed, through a series of ‘comings and goings’ – unpacking and sorting, viewings and listenings – to elicit a performance of the archive itself.

Nomadic Archive – One Visiting 10 September 10.00am–5.00pm: Archive lands via various transportation modes including peddler courier

From 10.30am Unpacking Frances Burke: Frances Burke (1907–1994) studied art at the Melbourne Technical College of Art (now RMIT University) and the National Gallery School. She established Australia’s first textile screen printery in 1937 and in 1942 the business became Frances Burke Fabrics.

Listening: Frances Burke Pioneering design lecture 1980, cassette tape / Interview by Dimity Reed with Frances Burke c.1980, cassette tape / Filing: magazine articles, business correspondence, notes; From 1.00pm Unpacking Gerhard Herbst: Gerhard Herbst (born Dresden, Germany 1911). Further biographical detail:http://www.rmit.com.au/ad/designarchives/fashionandtextiles#Fabrics; Screening: Experimental and documentary 16 mm films with projectionist David Thomas; From 3.00 pm Viewing: Prestige tie and textile designs, and photographs. Sorting: Pedagogy notes. Packing away the archive

Nomadic Archive – Two Visiting 17 September 10 am-5. 00pm: Archive lands via various transportation modes

Unpacking the FDC The FDC (Fashion Design Council of Australia 1981– 993) http://www.rmit.com.au/ad/designarchives/fashionandtextiles; From 10.30am Listening: catwalk music, various cassettes / FDC radio promotions, various cassettesShowing, sorting and cataloguing: 35 mm slides 1983–1993; From 1.00pm Screening: Fashion parades, VHS video From 3.00 pm Viewing: Scrapbooks, invitations, promotional flyers; Packing: Archive heads off via various transportation modes including peddler courier.


Urban Ephemeral Room, Rochus Urban Hinkel in collaboration with Ramesh Ayyar, Michael Fowler and Ian de Gruchy
for Wilma Maria Hinkel

Rochus Urban Hinkel has formed a transdisciplinary group with Ramesh Ayyar (digital video), Michael Fowler (sound) and Ian de Gruchy (projection) to create a milieu of experience that conjoins the individual and the collective with an activated space that is animated in duration. This space is experienced and perceived and not merely described or observed from a distance, or as independent from us. Concepts that frame relationships between body and space, time and subjectivity are crucial to this installation. The German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk develops this idea of space further when he says that we are creatures of space and space-creating beings. In recognizing our 'spheres' of existence, he argues that 'We cannot live otherwise than in these self animated spaces'. For Sloterdijk space does not just influence us, we actually create space through our presence and participation. This installation creates an ephemeral interior that resonates exterior conditions through a set of media tested in time.

Project Talks: Tuesday September 16 at 1pm, Friday September 19 at 2pm (cancelled)

working in progress: occupying space now , Roger Kemp
working in progress begins with the making of a desk. This desk is situated as an extension to the counter of the retail section of Craft Victoria. The desk acts as a space for the production of works that emanate from conversations, interactions and activities that occur across and from this space. Roger Kemp sits at the desk making drawings and artifacts for six days during the occupation of Craft Victoria by the Urban Interior research group.

The primary focus of the drawings and artifacts is as an act of participation in the space. They focus on a negotiation and investigation of the Craft Victoria space over the time of the UI occupation. Invited guests will collaborate through conversation, speculation and spatial production. Some of the artifacts will remain in the space for the duration of the occupation. Other works will be recorded and distributed back to the collaborators as an extension of the space.

Sequence of working:
1. Occupying Space Now ( getting set-up: building a desk _ setting up the space_getting comfortable_talking about it)
2. Occupying Space Now ( back to work part 1: seeing what's happening_discussing the issues_considering it further_drawing it out)
3. Occupying Space Now ( back to work part 2: introductions_looking around_commenting further_making something work)
4. Occupying Space Now ( Another day: another space_something's happened_you wouldn't believe it_I thought that might happen)
5. Occupying Space Now ( and another thing: more space_more time_documenting_closing comments_no longer occupying)
Occupying Space Now: getting set-up_building the surface _ setting the space_getting comfortable_talking about space_ seeing whats happening_discussing the issues_considering it further_drawing it out ¬_ introducing_looking around_commenting further_making something work¬_ another space_something's happened_you wouldn't believe it_I thought that might happen_and another thing_more space_more time_documenting_closing comments_no longer occupying

Cycle Craft, Mick Peel
The Cycle Craft Workshop combines the making and exhibition of artefact with event to explore the relationship between fashion, bicycles, the city, the urban cyclist and the hand crafted. The Workshop occupies Craft Victoria for two days only and features the display of several reclaimed and customised single speed fixed gear bicycles. The bicycles, designed and collaboratively made by Mick Peel, feature individually crafted soft components and accessories. In the space at Craft Victoria, Mick is working on his next bike projects including soft accessories and coordinated cycling apparel. Current and prospective cyclists are invited to drop-in to the space with or without their bike to share ideas of bicycle and component customisation.

Air, Space and Place. Malte Wagenfeld in collaboration with Meg Mundell
an exploration of the relationship between, space, place, materiality, body and the atmosphere.
A series of events and performances explore the air and atmosphere within the gallery and the immediate environment surrounding the gallery.
The events are based on a number of experiments which look at the sometimes unexpected spatial relationship between ourselves, our actions and the air we inhabit. These comprise interactive instillations where participants / gallery visitors are invited to explore and manipulate the interior atmosphere. Each event focuses on a certain set of experiments based on the observation of, and interaction with, phenomena; for this participants will finely tune and heighten their senses of seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling. Each of the events is themed around certain aspects of interior and urban interior atmospheric qualities. Different parts of the gallery space are used for each event.

Visualising Air Phase 1
This event looks at how our presence in an environment affects the air and atmosphere. The air is rendered visible through the use of a scanning laser and smoke which can reveal a breath as it moves through a room or even the slightest nuance of body heat or moment.

Visualising Air Phase 2 – Air, Habitation and Space
The first half of this exploration investigates the effect daily acts such as cooking, turning on fans and extractors, opening and closing doors and so on have on the air in the interior and immediate exterior atmosphere. The second half of the exploration looks at the complex relationship between interior and exterior atmosphere observing outside breezes, pollen and so on, entering the interior and interior air exiting into the exterior.

Crafty Smells 1: the smell of craft and crafting
The smell of craft materials and the materials used for crafting are explored in a confined space of the gallery where all other senses other then smell will be subdued. This installation explores the importance of materiality and the resultant rich sensorial information inherent in craft objects and crafting practice.

Crafty Smells 2: outside in smells
In an attempt to juxtaposition our experience of space through smell this event brings subtle smells from the immediate environs surrounding Craft Victoria into the gallery. This event explores how smell, the materiality and geometry of a space impact on our impressions and relationship to that place.


1. Photograph: september 9, before the opening, Rochus Urban Hinkel
2. Photograph: september 10, nomadic archive, Rochus Urban Hinkel
3. Photograph: september 12, ride-on-dinner, Rochus Urban Hinkel
4. Photograph: september 16, urban ephemeral room, Rochus Urban Hinkel
5. Photograph: september 18, concert 2, Karlheinz Stockhausen > POLE fuer 2, Rochus Urban Hinkel